“Bonafide has improved my visibility to infections and the potential risk of cross contamination.”


Their analytics allow me to view my environmental cleaning performance and collaborate with all my facilities in one dashboard. I highly recommend Bonafide.

– Jeanne Boschert, Corporate Compliance Specialist, RN, BS, MCC Integrity Compliance Solution

"My team has found Bonafide to be the most streamlined of the ERP systems we support."


Bonafide’s simple and intuitive interface means we can work A/R more effectively per day than any other system. Additionally, we have found Bonafide’s freedom of data access to be a real differentiator.

Jim Knight, President, ACU-Serve Corporation

Bonafide is the best DME billing software providing integrated cloud-based business management workflow for HME and DME.

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Bonafide Medical Group has the best business workflow management and facility portal available to the Durable Medical Equipment (DME) industry, and is the only DME software that is fully and seamlessly integrated into all of your management decisions. Bonafide’s total DME solution will help you maximize efficiency, productivity and profitability in your business. Our single platform solution delivers every software advantage available to maximize your margins as reimbursement rates continue to shrink.

Enjoy full transparency and convenient access

Our cloud-based facility portal software maximizes convenience, data security, and no unnecessary downloads to complete or costly software updates. You have access to your Bonafide solutions any time you have Internet connection.

ERP that scales with your business

An ERP and Facility Portal that scales with your business

We use Amazon Web Services (AWS) to provide you with a scalable, reliable, and secure global computing infrastructure.

One Cloud. One System. One Low Cost.

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• DME ERP Software
• Facility Portal
• Infection Prevention
• Patient Portal
• Real-Time Analytics

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Simple, Transparent Pricing


• Small to Medium-Sized DME Providers
• Pricing as Low as $95 per Active User


• Medium to Large DME Providers
• Custom Pricing Catered to Your Needs

Bonafide Milestones

Built Leading Software
Bonafide Milestone Icons_1983v2


Introduced Claim Master
Bonafide Milestone Icons_1991


Established medi.com
Bonafide Milestone Icons_1996


Sold medi.com to WebMD
Bonafide Milestone Icons_2004


Launched MedEQ Manager
Bonafide Milestone Icons_2005


Introduced Hospice Portal
Bonafide Milestone Icons_2008


Introduced Pharmacy Application
Bonafide Milestone Icons_2010


Introduced Physician Practice Management System and Electronic Health Records
Bonafide Milestone Icons_2012


Partnered with Orderinsite
Bonafide Milestone Icons_2014


Joint Venture with NextProject11
Bonafide Milestone Icons_2015


Joint Venture
with Bac-Track


Migrated MedEQ to AWS


First DME Ordering Platform for Institutional Facilities
Bonafide Milestone Icons_2018


Began building leading software with an emphasis on rental services and inventory management.
Introduced Claim Master solution, which allowed hospitals to scrub insurance claims before submitting them to payors for reimbursement.
Established spin-off company medi.com providing software to process financial transactions for hospitals and physicians.
Sold medi.com to WebMD as part of that company's initiative to add front-end software to its product portfolio.
Launched MedEQ Manager software, combining healthcare knowledge of claim management with knowledge of inventory control and customer management solutions.
Introduced Hospice Portal to allow hospice facilities to place orders within the MedEQ Manager platform.
Introduced Pharmacy application to assist with mail-order prescription management in the pharmacy market.
Introduced Physician Practice Management System and Electronic Health Records to serve the Orthopedics market.
Partnered with Orderinsite to provide innovative solutions to handle Pharmacy inventory replenishment.
Joint venture with NextProject11 to provide healthcare buying groups, distributors, and manufacturers with an integrated inventory control system and shopping portal.
Joint venture with Bac-Track to provide healthcare facilities with a solution for ongoing monitoring of infectious control.
Migrated MedEQ platform to AWS and upgraded technology platform to simplify IT stack and increase the functional, security, and extension capabilities. These changes allow for maximum scalability of our platform.
Introduced the industry's first DME ordering platform for institutional facilities (Acute, LTAC, and Skilled) with robust features including clinical algorithms and inventory tracking to enhance financial performance and improve patient outcomes.

For the last decade, Bonafide Medical Group has been developing the most robust contamination verification and cloud-based monitoring system.

The complete solution combines the most advanced, reliable ATP technology with proprietary cloud-based Bac-Track software to measure cleaning performance and provide easy to understand analytics. The software was designed to help you meet CDC, CMS, and other infection control industry guidelines. Additional valuable outbreak management tools such as disease management and pathogen mapping features all of this is seamlessly combined to create Bac-Track, the most advanced infection control software platform that exists.
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