Bonafide’s History

Bonafide was founded in 1981 and has gone through many iterations while always staying true to its foundational focus on excellent software.

A few highlights include:

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Bonafide Partners with Parachute Health Providing 5x CSR Efficiency and Reliable Data Accuracy.


The platform API sends both docs and data into Bonafide for your ops team to complete billing and logistics, maintaining a single source of data.

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Bonafide Acquires S3 Resupply Providing the Most Comprehensive Seep Compliance Module Designed Exclusively for DME Suppliers.


Provides the tools necessary to track patients and their eligibility dates. This patient-centric order process helps streamline the experience for the patient.

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First DME/HME Ordering Platform for Institutional Facilities


Introduced the industry’s first DME/HME ordering platform for institutional facilities (Acute, LTAC, and Skilled) with robust features including clinical algorithms and inventory tracking to enhance financial performance and improve patient outcomes.

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Migrated MedEQ to AWS


Migrated MedEQ platform to AWS and upgraded technology platform to simplify IT stack and increase the functional, security, and extension capabilities. These changes allow for maximum scalability of our platform.

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Joint Venture with Bac-Track


Joint venture with Bac-Track to provide healthcare facilities with a solution for ongoing monitoring of infectious control.

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Joint Venture with NextProject11


Joint venture with NextProject11 to provide healthcare buying groups, distributors, and manufacturers with an integrated inventory control system and shopping portal.

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Partnered with Orderinsite


Partnered with Orderinsite to provide innovative solutions to handle Pharmacy inventory replenishment.

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Introduced Physician Practice Management System and Electronic Health Records


Introduced Physician Practice Management System and Electronic Health Records to serve the Orthopedics market.

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Introduced Hospice Portal


Introduced Hospice Portal to allow hospice facilities to place orders within the MedEQ Manager platform.

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Launched MedEQ Manager


Launched MedEQ Manager software, combining healthcare knowledge of claim management with knowledge of inventory control and customer management solutions.

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Sold to WebMD


Sold to WebMD as part of that company’s initiative to add front-end software to its product portfolio.

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Established spin-off company providing software to process financial transactions for hospitals and physicians.

Bonafide Milestone Icons_1991

Introduced Claim Master


Introduced Claim Master solution, which allowed hospitals to scrub insurance claims before submitting them to payors for reimbursement.

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Building leading software


Began building leading software with an emphasis on rental services and inventory management.

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Founded Bonafide