How to Choose the Best DME/HME ERP for Your Business

Part 3 of a 3-Part Series

Within this series, we’ve presented key features you should consider when reviewing the best rated DME/HME ERP software. We conclude this series by covering four key features that should be considered when choosing the most innovative, efficient, and margin-building ERP for DME/HME:

  • Hospice Workflow and Management
  • Patient Resupply Integration
  • Point of Sale
  • Third-party API Integration

Hospice Workflow and Management

Managing facility customers like hospice and nursing homes is imperative. Software should provide a comprehensive offering that allows you to easily partner with your customers. A customer-facing facility portal should be able to manage orders, track order progress, and request service and pickups, all while keeping management informed automatically.

Hospice workflow and management should be easily integrated with the provider’s software and allow for and maintain different pricing for your facility customers without having to create multiple inventory items that can destroy the integrity of your system.

A single signature should be available to confirm multiple orders being delivered to the same location, provide email notification to the appropriate parties automatically, and to post the delivery ticket to the facility portal for their records.

Patient Resupply Integration

This integration should provide an easy and efficient way to manage your patient resupply program. As a DME/HME provider, you should have the ability to manage patients resupply on a core platform or the ability to choose from major resuppliers such as Snapworx, Sleep Solutions Services (S3), and CMB Solutions.

Point of Sale

A true point of sale system that is user-friendly is important. It should allow both patient-centric transactions as well as anonymous purchases. Patient transactions should be stored as a part of the patient’s record so they can be viewed for returns or questions.

The system should work with off-the-shelf bar code scanners and receipt printers to ensure you can operate as you choose. It should also manage multiple registers, and multiple cash drawers, and have thorough reporting to support all the activity.

Third-Party API Integration

The platform should be built in the cloud and accessible from anywhere on any device with a browser and internet access. Collaboration should begin with automatic and real-time communication via X12 with payors and vendors. Depending on the partners, the platform should offer different levels of technical expertise to achieve integration via Web Service, Restful, or Batch mode.

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How to Choose the Best DME/HME ERP for Your Business: