Tom Waller

Sr Director Client Engagement and Strategy

At Bonafide Tom is charged with overseeing the customer experience. Tom and his team drive customer adoption of their new software and help Bonafide to continue to innovate.

Tom has been creating innovative solutions in a variety of markets since 1982, focusing on healthcare and helping hospitals and physicians make of most of the new capabilities for the last 35 years. Tom created an integrated electronic medical record and physician workflow system in the 1980s, worked to make hospital records and lab reports accessible to physicians electronically available in their offices, helped physicians and hospitals transition to electronic claims and remittances, helped to create systems that streamline revenue cycles processes and provide valuable management insight. Tom and the teams he managed have worked directly with more than a thousand hospitals, physicians and DME providers helping them improve their revenue cycle operations.

Tom has a Business Administration degree from Illinois State University.

Know Your Margins

Instant access to your Cost of Goods Sold, ROI and Shipping costs.

Make Better Decisions

Complete knowledge of costs, operations and business intelligence.

Manage Resources

Seamlessly Manage CSRs, Drivers, Billers, Cash and Inventory.

Maximize Reimbursement

Automatic Cross Walk of CPT to HCPCS to Compliance.


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"DME businesses have to work on tight margins, so having the right reimbursement strategy in place is critical to staying
in business. With Bonafide, we make more because we're coding everything correctly and the Bonafide system also
manages our multiple office locations and inventory."

Chasity Eaton,

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