Infection Prevention Solution

A comprehensive IP solution to help your facility track and manage infection outbreak.

Bonafide Analytic Dashboard

Outbreak Management Tool

Make the invisible, visible by effectively testing for and tracking infections on a single, digital dashboard.

The Outbreak Management Tool helps mitigate the spread of infection by tracking and managing infections throughout your facility. Using its floorplan tile feature, the tool provides your facility with contamination analytics by facility, department, and room on an easy to understand dashboard. It creates a tangible and visible display of the infection’s origin and advancements to help you track and eliminate further spread.

This comprehensive tool assists your facility to prevent infection outbreaks, saves patient lives, and meets and exceeds CMS and CDC guidelines while reducing financial and administrative burdens.

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How it Works

Outbreak Management Tool Benefits

Easy-to-Use Dashboard

Executive dashboard compiles all infection analytics for one, or all, facilities.

Assess Cleanliness

ATP testing system measures cleanliness for real results and accurate readings of your facilities.

Infection Visualization

Infection analytics make invisible infections, visible to help track and manage outbreaks.

See the Bigger Picture

Floorplan tile feature displays your entire facility by department, room, and touchpoint.

Seamless Implementation

Seamlessly implements with each component to have your outbreak management integrated when you need it

Compliance Integration

Integrated CDC guidelines to ensure compliance.

Interactive Training

Comprehensive training on all software and tools.

On-Demand Supplies

Real-time supplies ordering and management.

Track and Contain Infection Outbreak

The Outbreak Management Tool works with Bonafide’s existing Bac-Track software to test and track infection in your facility. To test for potential infections, the Bac-Track ATP system seamlessly integrates into Bonafide’s Outbreak Management Tool. The Bac-Track ATP system is one of the CDC’s approved measures for determining cleanliness on surfaces.

IP4 Program

The Outbreak Management Tool and Bac-Track system are critical parts of a greater infection prevention management system called IP4. IP4 is a comprehensive program that tests, treats, and tracks infections, then trains your facility in these prevention measures.

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The Bac-Track ATP system test is one of the CDC’s approved measures for determining cleanliness on surfaces. Cleanliness levels are tested and used as a standard of measure for testing for infection.


After testing surfaces for cleanliness and the presence of hazardous germs and bacteria, EMist’s electrostatic disinfectant sprayer can be added to the program to be used to treat all contaminated surfaces and eliminate the risk of infectious diseases and viruses.


Bac-Track’s ATP system is seamlessly integrated and uploaded into Bonafide’s Outbreak Management Tool to track, manage, contain, and mitigate the risk of further outbreaks


Bonafide includes interactive training for the Outbreak Management Tool, the Bac-Track ATP system and its implementation, and EMist’s disinfectant sprayer.

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