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Getting Your Facility Prepared

Stay safer and cleaner during COVID-19.

Gaining consumer confidence of safety will be critical to our economic recovery

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Outbreak Management Tool

Using the Bac-Track system, facilities can be viewed from one dashboard and trends can be visualized.
  • Build consumer confidence that they are
    in a safe environment.
  • Protecting groups of people as capacity
    gets back to normal.
  • Lowering the risk of COVID-19 for the general public and employees.
  • Confirms the effectiveness of current cleaning techniques.
  • Tracks potential environmental threats including pathogen mapping features.

IP4 Program

The Outbreak Management Tool and Bac-Track system are critical parts of a greater infection prevention management system called IP4. IP4 is a comprehensive program that tests, treats, and tracks infections, then trains your facility in these prevention measures.

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Our Bac-Track ATP reader is the most advanced ATP System on the market today. It provides sanitation verification for immediate, quantifiable measurements of environment and high-touch surface cleanliness.

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We provide the latest products and solutions designed specifically for facility managers. This includes the EMist® EPIX360 electrostatic sprayers – the most effective handheld, cordless electrostatic disinfectant sprayers in the world. More coverage. Less waste. Better results.

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Our proprietary software, Bac-Track, monitors contamination levels in an easy-to-read dashboard dedicated to your facility. It also allows you to monitor by department or equipment category to pinpoint your problem areas.

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We offer onsite and online support and training that will assist in your fight against germs. Our software features “Ask Eddy,” a virtual intuitive assistant.

For the last decade, Bonafide Medical Group has been developing the most robust contamination verification and cloud-based monitoring system.

The complete solution combines the most advanced, reliable ATP technology with proprietary cloud-based Bac-Track software to measure cleaning performance and provide easy-to-understand analytics. The software was designed to help you meet CDC, CMS, and other infection control industry guidelines. Additional valuable outbreak management tools such as disease management and pathogen mapping features all of this is seamlessly combined to create Bac-Track, the most advanced infection control software platform that exists. Watch the video to learn more.

Professional marketing toolkit: Show your patients, residents, families, staff or customers you care about their safety and health.


Build awareness of your commitment to clean and healthy


Includes professionally created, downloadable resources including: table tent, pop-up banner, door hanger, window decal, social media posts, and more.