Delivery management

Our delivery software is smartphone enabled, so there are no additional expensive devices to buy for your delivery staff. Load balancing deliveries between many delivery vehicles is intuitive, as it is displayed on a live active map that estimates delivery times and routes.

You collect a digital time-stamped signature at curbside and all inventory levels are automatically adjusted providing an up to the "second" accurate inventory count across your entire company. There is no waiting for 1-3 days for confirmation of delivery to be completed, no time wasted adjusting inventory item counts, and no double data entry.

Once trucks are loaded for dispatch the manifest for the truck becomes a mobile warehouse. All employees in your company can access real-time, actual inventory level status of the trucks and add additional stops on the go, saving a costly trip for the driver to return to the warehouse. Each extra trip for a single delivery costs your company approximately $70, so this benefit alone drives more profit to your bottom line.

Know Your Margins

Instant access to your Cost of Goods Sold, ROI and Shipping costs.

Make Better Decisions

Complete knowledge of costs, operations and business intelligence.

Manage Resources

Seamlessly Manage CSRs, Drivers, Billers, Cash and Inventory.

Maximize Reimbursement

Automatic Cross Walk of CPT to HCPCS to Compliance.


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"DME businesses have to work on tight margins, so having the right reimbursement strategy in place is critical to staying
in business. With Bonafide, we make more because we're coding everything correctly and the Bonafide system also
manages our multiple office locations and inventory."

Chasity Eaton,

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