Billing Management

Without a smart billing system, your business will be chronically under-reimbursed. Bonafide's billing software provides an array of easy-to-use web-based tools that scrub, track, validate coding, mitigate denials and audit payer payments against payer contracts to ensure clean claims and complete payment.

Bonafide receives remittances electronically into the system and automatically posts payments. The posting routine will automatically link the remittance to the patient's order.

Bonafide's software is cloud-based and hosted with Amazon Web Services, the fastest, most secure cloud system available. Billers using our system will see significant improvements in screen loading times. While we have observed billers using other systems waiting 3-4 seconds for every single new page load, Bonafide pages load quickly and efficiently.

From your current A/R to your rejection rate, Bonafide's billing dashboard provides the information you need right at your fingertips.

Know Your Margins

Instant access to your Cost of Goods Sold, ROI and Shipping costs.

Make Better Decisions

Complete knowledge of costs, operations and business intelligence.

Manage Resources

Seamlessly Manage CSRs, Drivers, Billers, Cash and Inventory.

Maximize Reimbursement

Automatic Cross Walk of CPT to HCPCS to Compliance.


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"DME businesses have to work on tight margins, so having the right reimbursement strategy in place is critical to staying
in business. With Bonafide, we make more because we're coding everything correctly and the Bonafide system also
manages our multiple office locations and inventory."

Chasity Eaton,

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