Director of Administration

As Director of Administration for Bonafide Management Systems, Caroline is responsible for the accounting, human resources, contracts and ordering departments at Bonafide. She interacts with customers regularly, ensuring that contracts are up-to-date and billing systems are in place. She is directly involved in maintaining a positive work environment and making sure that customers are well cared for at Bonafide.

Caroline joined Bonafide in 1986 and has been a part of every level of company growth, ensuring that it has the correct resources and structure to do so. Prior to joining Bonafide, Caroline worked in administrative roles at

several companies, including AiriteAirforce, Mattel Toys, and several data corporations for student loan companies (AFSA and BIT).

Know Your Margins

Instant access to your Cost of Goods Sold, ROI and Shipping costs.

Make Better Decisions

Complete knowledge of costs, operations and business intelligence.

Manage Resources

Seamlessly Manage CSRs, Drivers, Billers, Cash and Inventory.

Maximize Reimbursement

Automatic Cross Walk of CPT to HCPCS to Compliance.


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"DME businesses have to work on tight margins, so having the right reimbursement strategy in place is critical to staying
in business. With Bonafide, we make more because we're coding everything correctly and the Bonafide system also
manages our multiple office locations and inventory."

Chasity Eaton,

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