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November 26, 2018 Posted on Categories DME

One of the major challenges in DME businesses is the lag time between delivery and billing. All other DME software systems require post-delivery processes to complete order verification, inventory reconciliation, and compliance documentation. This additional post-delivery processing adds time and effort and increases the chance of costly errors.

Bonafide is the only system that allows billing to start in real-time at curbside.

Bonafide automates order validation, inventory reconciliation and compliance documentation, which means that when an item is delivered curbside, billing is ready to go right away. Most DME providers can’t imagine how easily this all gets done. We have heard that this eliminates a delay of up to two weeks between an item being delivered and an invoice being sent out.

Our competitors say they have this functionality, but their systems are incomplete and still require multiple steps in-house to complete the delivery for billing. With Bonafide, drivers simply follow the steps on any smart device to complete the entire delivery process right the first time, and billing can start right at curbside.

Benefits of this technology:

  • Fewer write-offs due to missing information and past-timely filing
  • Fewer denials with automatic serial number reconciliation
  • Faster billing because synchronized system allows instantaneous transfer of delivery documents from drivers to billers
  • Faster audit response because every delivery is electronically logged and properly documented

Our technology makes the driver’s job very simple and direct, and there are no devices to be purchased, since drivers are already using a smart device. Here’s how it works:

1. The Driver

  • Does NOT have to prepare for or remember delivery protocol. Everything is automatically populated in the system.
  • Does NOT have to write down serial numbers or barcodes. Handled automatically in the background.
  • Confirms document review electronically so it is time-stamped.
  • Gets patient signature on the device so it is time-stamped.
  • Does NOT have to scan documents into the system on return.
  • Does NOThave to bring completed paperwork back to the office.

2. The Biller

  • Does NOT have to wait for the driver to return with paperwork, which is frequently missing critical elements.
  • As soon as the driver completes the steps, the biller sees “Confirmed Delivery” orders automatically on their work queue screen.
  • All required signatures are visible.
  • Serial number is always correct because of barcode scanning.
  • Create invoice and claim with one click.

3. The Warehouse Manager

  • Does NOT have to map and optimize drivers’ routes – it’s done automatically.
  • Does NOT have to manually update inventory totals – it’s done automatically as product goes from warehouse to truck to patient and return to warehouse.
  • Inventory is always updated in real-time on trucks, in warehouses and at branch warehouse.

4. The Customer Service Representative

  • Does NOT have to track down drivers for updates, because they can “see” items on truck throughout the day as driver delivers, services and picks up equipment.
  • Trucks are equipped as “mobile warehouses” carrying extra stock, CSR can add items to an order in real-time while the driver is en route to a delivery.
  • Always knows exactly which items are at a patient’s house and which are on the trucks because of barcode serial number scanning.

That’s it! Simple and easy, and very little room for mistakes! No more chasing paperwork and requiring drivers to make multiple trips to get the signatures they need. Your billing team can forget about nagging the drivers, because everything is automated and seamless.

This feature is included free with your Bonafide service. If you haven’t used it yet, we’ll be happy to get you started right away.

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