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10 Questions to Ask About Electronic Health Records (EHR)

June 19, 2015 Posted on Categories EHR, Electronic Health Records, Electronic Medical Records, EMR, Medical Practice, Medical Software, Uncategorized

by Michelle Tohill

Electronic Health Records (EHR) software can significantly improve your practice on almost every level. But since the average cost to purchase and install an EHR system ranges from $15,000 to $70,000* per provider, you want to be really smart about making the right choice.

Here are some questions to help you determine what matters most to you. Rank the following options in terms of highest to lowest importance:

1. Cost

2. Fee structure (e.g. subscription vs. installed)

3. Ease of use

4. Technical support

5. Opportunity for software customization

6. Practice management system integration

7. Billing system integration

8. Eligibility verification included

9. Staff training

10. Software update schedule (e.g. daily, quarterly, annually)

If you are currently using an EHR, are you happy with its performance based on the above conditions? If you are getting ready to start “shopping” for a new EHR, take these conditions with you and ask the companies you are interviewing how they perform on each level.

Michelle Tohill is Director of Revenue Cycle Management of Bonafide Management Systems and oversees all billing programs and processes. Her specialty is conducting AR audits to expose inefficient billing practices that fail to fully reimburse physicians for their work. She conducts AR audits and provides Bonafide customers with training and consulting on how to improve every aspect of billing and practice management to maximize revenue.


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