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Mobility Codes: Prior Approval Required Nationwide Beginning Sept 1

August 2, 2018 Posted on Categories DME

CMS is adding 31 additional codes to the Required Prior Authorization List as a condition of payment. The complete list of codes and descriptions can be located here. The expanded code list is effective September 1, 2018.

CMS announced June 1 that it is adding 31 power mobility device Healthcare Common Procedure Coding System (HCPCS) codes to the list of durable medical equipment, prosthetics, orthotics, and supplies (DMEPOS) items that require prior authorization as a condition of Medicare payment.

Items on the Required Prior Authorization List require prior authorization as a condition of payment. As such, lack of a provisionally affirmed prior authorization request will result in a claim denial.

For information about how Bonafide has updated its software for this change, access our Knowledge Base article on the topic. Note that this is password-protected; you will need to log into your Bonafide account in order to access the article.

For more resources from CMS, please access see the following documents:

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Improve profit margins and expand revenue potential with Bonafide’s Facility Portal

July 3, 2018 Posted on Categories DME

Bonafide (3)Bonafide’s Facility Portal allows DME Providers to better service hospice and nursing home contracts. The portal makes it easy for your hospice and nursing home contracts to place orders themselves, eliminating costly steps and dramatically improving profit margins on these accounts. With the Bonafide Facility Portal, DME Providers can effortlessly serve more hospice and nursing home contracts.

The Bonafide Facility Portal makes it easy for nursing staff to order the items they need using your branded portal. Orders are instantly available in your Bonafide DME software for delivery, completely bypassing your customer service staff. Nursing staff can enter patient data and select items from an online catalog of items you have contracted for.

Your customers can order and make service requests using the Bonafide Facility Portal and it routes directly to your Bonafide software for scheduling. This includes equipment exchange and service. Our electronic delivery system means that you can send an invoice the moment the patient receives an order, eliminating expensive double-entry processes that can delay billing in other systems.

Bonafide customers that are using the Facility Portal report dramatically reduced costs, better order processing and improved visibility into what is happening with their drivers and customers.

Scanned Docs Can Now Be Searched in the Bonafide DME Software Solution Using OCR Technology

June 15, 2018 Posted on Categories DME

Bonafide Management Systems has released Optical Character Recognition (OCR) functionality. This technology allows our customers to efficiently and instantly search all scanned documents on the Bonafide DME software solution. OCR is an advanced feature included at no additional charge to Bonafide customers. If you are a customer and would like this feature, please contact so that we can turn it on for you.

Bonafide’s OCR technology works by analyzing the structure of scanned documents. The technology is able to recognize elements such as blocks of text, tables, and images. It can then identify characters and words within the scanned document. This search function eliminates costly data entry functions currently required in most Durable Medical Equipment (DME) businesses.

“We are adding this technology based on the fact that OCR will result in significant cost savings for our customers by reducing costly manual searches and manual data entry,” says Wayne Bailey, Director of Customer Service at Bonafide. “With DME margins shrinking every day, we are dedicated to providing critical cost-savings opportunity with our software.”

OCR technology allows Bonafide’s customers to search all scanned documents containing a specific name, hospital, phone number, diagnosis code, denial description, or almost any detail quickly and easily. The workaround for DME providers today is to manually add tags and descriptions to scanned documents, but these are often either incomplete or require a complete re-write of the scanned document. With thousands of scanned documents in any system, the cost savings posed by OCR are tremendous.

“Our customers have thousands of scanned documents, none of which are easily available,” says Michelle Tohill, Director of Revenue Cycle Management at Bonafide. “Manually reviewing documentation is time-consuming and unproductive because scanned documents are not dated or scanned in order and are not easily available. OCR will help our DME customers become more efficient in their documentation, compliance, and billing activities.”

Bonafide Management Systems Facilitates Growth with Zendesk Support Suite

June 7, 2018 Posted on Categories DME

Bonafide Management Systems today announced a complete integration with the customer service cloud solution from Zendesk. With Zendesk, Bonafide offers its customers fast response times and exemplary customer support. Additional advantages of the solution are its extensive reporting capabilities and integrated knowledge base. Easy and intuitive operation and administration of the solution ensure a high degree efficient and personal communication with customers.

Bonafide has added a number of significant customers in the past two years, and its previous customer support solution was no longer meeting the requirements of the company. Bonafide began searching for a one-stop, simple solution that would help customer support agents to provide excellent support to customers. Zendesk was able to meet all the requirements.

“We are very impressed with the Zendesk solution,” says Wayne Bailey, Director of Customer Service at Bonafide. “With all of the growth we are experiencing, we needed a better solution, fast. Zendesk met all of our needs, and we were able to train our agents quickly.”

In addition to a robust ticketing system for customers, Bonafide has also introduced online training courses and an extensive library of information in its online knowledge base via Zendesk.

“Our customers immediately noticed the improved communication and are consistently giving our agents excellent ratings for their service,” says Michelle Tohill, Director of Revenue Cycle Management at Bonafide. “With Zendesk, we can now answer incoming customer questions easily and quickly and be more proactive about reaching out to users.”

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