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DME Providers Can Implement Drop-Shipping with McKesson, Medline, VGM & Others

May 14, 2018 Posted on Categories Delivery, DME

Imagine if you were able to reduce the inventory sitting in your warehouse and have vendors like McKesson, VGM, and Medline drop-ship many of your items. This would undoubtedly increase your efficiency and decrease your inventory overhead. Your margins would immediately increase.


The good news is that this functionality is completely possible. Bonafide’s Enterprise Resource Platform (ERP) is integrated with more than 20 vendors. Here’s how it works:

  1. The CSR locates the item to be drop-shipped within the Bonafide software
  2. The CSR assigns the item to the customer’s order
  3. The vendor receives the order, including customer address and information
  4. The vendor prepares the item for shipping, entering tracking information
  5. Bonafide “pings” the three major shipping companies each night to track the shipping process
  6. Once the shipping company confirms delivery, it shows up on the customer order, and the DME provider can begin the billing process without delay

Our competitor Brightree promises vendor drop-shipping functionality, but it is not nearly as comprehensive, and sometimes adds complexity and therefore cost to the process. Only Bonafide offers automatic order tracking and delivery confirmation. Brightree requires double-entry and manual processes where we offer automated workflow.

Additionally, Brightree charges significant additional fees for its drop-ship functionality. At Bonafide, we pride ourselves on providing every single customer with a comprehensive solution without any hidden fees or surprises. We also are willing to add vendors to our system at no charge to you. Because that’s just good business.

Bonafide Brightree
Order entry Electronic Electronic
Order tracking Automatic Manual
Delivery confirmation Automatic Manual
Double data entry None Significant
Workflow Automatic Manual
Additional Fees None Significant


Turn Your Trucks Into Mobile Profit Centers

April 21, 2017 Posted on Categories Delivery, DME, Inventory Control

Did you know that your trucks could be running much more efficiently – and they could even become mobile profit centers for your business?

The key is to rethink your trucks not as just delivery vehicles, but as mobile stores. With the right software in place, your drivers can have everything they need to be more efficient, eliminate costly return trips to the warehouse, and immediately obtain delivery confirmation, which speeds up the reimbursement process.

You can only do this with Bonafide’s software. Why?

Inventory: Bonafide offers the best inventory control software available for the DME business. Our software ensures your trucks are fully stocked with everything they need for their delivery route. A fully-stocked truck means you can adjust your drivers’ route in real-time, without sending drivers back and forth to the warehouse in between drop-offs.

Documentation: How many times do your drivers fail to get the correct documentation, and then have to return to the customer? Only Bonafide offers smart-phone enabled technology that guides your drivers through the documentation process error-free.

Billing: Are you forced to wait several days between delivery and billing due to the paper trail that your drivers have to maintain? Only Bonafide offers digital delivery documentation, which is immediately sent to your billing department, error-free and in real-time, reducing errors and speeding time-to-payment.

The businesses that will survive the current industry consolidation in DME are adopting Bonafide’s technology to make it happen. Do you want to talk about how you can get started?

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