Bonafide Management Systems Announces Facility Portal Functionality  

August 27, 2018 Posted on Categories DME

PRESS RELEASE: Significant growth opportunity for DME Providers

Bonafide Management Systems officially announced its Facility Portal, which allows DME Providers to sell to healthcare facilities through an online shopping portal that is directly linked to their back-office billing operations, inventory and delivery systems. This is a new cash opportunity that could make a significant impact on DME providers’ profit margins.

“We saw a dramatic improvement as soon as we implemented the Bonafide Facility Portal,” says Joe Sacco, Sr. Chief Executive Officer, Central Medical Supply. “The portal eliminates the need for nurses to call our office and engage in a lengthy order process, so efficiency and accuracy improved overnight. It’s been truly transformative for our business. Having the necessary documentation at our fingertips has made our people significantly more productive.  We are able to expand our customer base without having to add office staff”

DME providers have significant revenue potential in serving healthcare providers, but it requires technology that automates and streamlines the order and delivery process. Bonafide is the only DME software company that offers a complete solution that allows DME providers to profitably service healthcare contracts.

“Our customers who are using this software are reporting dramatically reduced cost, better order processing and much better visibility into what is happening with their drivers and customers,” says Wayne Bailey, Director of Client Services, Bonafide Management Systems. “The combined cost-savings and cash flow have already made a dramatic improvement, and our customers are immediately seeking to expand their healthcare facility business because of the Bonafide Facility Portal.”

The Bonafide Facility Portal allows healthcare facility nurses to work in an intuitive Amazon™-style shopping environment from which they can directly:

  • Create patient profiles
  • Place rental and sale orders
  • Suggest patient-specific items based on a clinical algorithm
  • Allows for an approval process
  • Schedule delivery, service, and pickup

Bonafide’s Facility Portal completely eliminates the need for nurses to call into DME providers and engage in lengthy order processes. The portal can handle per diem orders, rental orders, sale orders, fee for service items, and more. Invoices are sent automatically, and they are accurate and backed up by digital time stamps, eliminating costly errors.

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