Bonafide Announces Improved Supply Chain Connectivity Based on McKesson Integration

March 9, 2018 Posted on Categories Uncategorized

Bonafide Management Systems announced today that it has released improved features in its integration with McKesson Corporation. The comprehensive EDI integration, which has been in place since 2013, allows Bonafide’s DME customers to improve patient satisfaction. The improved features streamline business operations by providing a fully-integrated DME environment in which to manage the complexities of the supply chain across multiple vendors.

“McKesson and Bonafide have streamlined order and fulfillment by creating a robust integration that features the 832 product catalog, the 850 PO, the 855 PO Confirmation, the 810 Invoice and the 856 Advanced Ship Notice,” says Jillian Small, Senior Manager of Product Innovation at McKesson. “The catalog eliminates the need to manually maintain products, while the PO allows for submission of clean orders without leaving the Bonafide platform. The confirmation of the PO provides visibility into order status and the invoice allows for easy reconciliation. Finally, the advanced ship notice provides confirmation that the order is on its way with detailed tracking information.”

“We are pleased to have been able to able to innovate alongside McKesson and expect the partnership to expand, giving our customers access to other even more functionality as the DME market continues to evolve,” says Sam Saw, vice-president of Bonafide. “It is critical for our DME customers to be able to more tightly integrate the supply chain allowing them to improve service and reduce costs. Our advanced software and technology implemented on the Amazon Web Service (AWS) Cloud Computing Platform allows us to quickly integrate with our partners, offering them a painless path for advanced integration.”

In addition to McKesson and McKesson Pharmacy, Bonafide offers supply chain integration with VGM, Sleep3, AmeriSource, Deroyal, DSD Medical, First Choice Medical Supply, Geriatric, GulfSouth, HD Smith, Independence, Invacare, Invacare Supply Group, Medline, Respironics, Ross and Sigma Medical, and more.


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