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It’s time to evolve and implement a sophisticated billing software system

August 30, 2017 Posted on Categories Billing Software, DME

Today’s DME providers are under increasing pressure to maximize every dollar of reimbursement, and the only way to do that is with a sophisticated billing system. Your chance of surviving the current industry consolidation rests almost entirely on profitability, which must be driven by technology.

Old, non-integrated billing systems not only put you at risk for lower reimbursement rates, they also increase the time it takes your billing team to submit for reimbursement, increases the rates of rejection and under-reimbursement, and puts you in danger of an extensive and time-intensive process in case of an RAC audit.

Yesterday’s simple billing systems have evolved into high-level software systems that streamline the billing process from patient intake to delivery and service. Our advanced software eliminates manual and time-intensive processes that are dragging down your margins. Today’s leaders in DME are adopting our technology and training their staff to utilize the full capabilities of our business management software, allowing for a streamlined workflow and increased profitability.

Our advanced billing software system makes the process of collecting all the necessary data related to billing convenient, and customer service representatives and delivery staff make fewer mistakes because each step is defined in the software system. The billing team works off a fully integrated system ad is alerted to missing information before submission, cutting down on rejection and increasing the turnover of submission to full reimbursement.

The importance and advantages of having a multifunctional software management system like Bonafide cannot be overstated. With a single platform from which to manage all essential business duties, from billing to inventory management, you have the opportunity to not just survive DME market consolidation, but to become a leader in the DME market.

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