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Mobile Applications Improve Delivery Efficiency

July 22, 2016 Posted on Categories DME, Documentation

by Eddy Hsu

Mobile devices are used everywhere, but did you know that they can increase your delivery efficiency? Your drivers probably are already using a smartphone to make calls to clients and headquarters, so you don’t need to invest in new technology. Instead, just make sure they use their smartphones to support your business operations.

Bonafide offers mobile applications that allow your drivers to transform their vehicle into a mobile warehouse. They can stay connected to management systems at all times and vastly improve their efficiency.

Here are some ways that equipping your delivery staff with mobile applications will support your business goals:

Accurate inventory count
In most cases, you assign rental equipment in the warehouse to a specific client, and then if your driver arrives and realizes the equipment is the wrong size or is inoperable, he must take another trip or ‘scratch through’ the delivery ticket, making a mess of your paperwork.

A smartphone can transform your trucks into mobile warehouses, enabling drivers to deliver the right product the first time, and accurately and precisely manage inventory in real time. Your count is always accurate and the billing process can begin as soon as the product is delivered.

Compliance documents
Drivers are famous for forgetting some document or another and failing to obtain a signature. With Bonafide, your drivers can utilize their smartphones as a documentation device. There is no chance for misplacing documents.

Once he has the patient set up and trained on all the equipment, the driver can review each item received and have the client acknowledge receipt on his mobile device. At that point the entire order can be billed and a claim filed from the headquarters. All of this documentation is HIPPA compliant, encrypted communication.

Add deliveries en-route
With drivers, time is money. You don’t want them making unnecessary return trips to the warehouse throughout the day if you can avoid it. Since the truck is a ‘mobile warehouse’ with a high performance inventory control system on board, your driver can load extra items on the truck in anticipation of additional orders being added to his delivery trip during the day.

You won’t have to wonder where your equipment is or worry about theft. Instead, with our bar coding inventory system, you will always know what is on your trucks, and can add delivery stops to any driver’s route at any time.

We can help you transform your trucks into mobile warehouses using our mobile technology and exclusive inventory control system. Give us a call if you would like to find out more!

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